Argan Oil for Hair - Benefits and Uses

From conditioning to color protection, there’s almost nothing this all-natural strand saver can’t do.

The hunt for luminous, full bodied, luscious locks has been an epic one for centuries. From combs made of actual bone, to chemical treatments, to electric hair brushes, we’ve been seeking solutions for our dry, brittle, thinning, flat or frizzy hair woes from day one.  Thankfully, the days of dumping chemicals and product into our hair seem to be fading, or at least, changing, as many people are opting for more natural, gentler fixes for our hair woes – fixes that can all be achieved with argan oil.

Argan oil is a plant oil that comes from the fruit from the native argan trees in Morocco. Its amber-hued and luscious, and while in Western culture, we know it primarily for its presence in the beauty industry, it is used for many things in the region it is grown in Morocco. That may be part of what makes argan oil so special – its uses are many and varied, and they all promote overall wellness.

The benefits of argan oil when used on your hair in particular are extensive – not only does it give your hair that shiny, glossy look, but it can prevent hair loss, promote hair growth, protect your hair naturally from heat, get rid of dandruff, alleviate a dry scalp, combat frizziness, and even counteract the production of gray hair. In short, it is an absolute miracle worker for most, if not all of your hair troubles.

But what is argan oil, and why is it so special? With so many other oils in the beauty market, argan oil shines – literally and figuratively – above the rest, and it may be one of the oldest cosmetic oils in the world.

What Exactly Is Argan Oil?

Argan oil has many special properties that make it so valuable to not only our hair, but to our skin, nails and overall health. This oil is rich in oleic fatty acids, which is the omega 9 monounsaturated fatty acid, as well as linoleic, or omega 3 and 6 unsaturated fatty acid, both of which have extensive benefits to skin – particularly for acne prone skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

On hair, though, omega 9 is king with the power of hydration at its side. It also helps make your hair look a little brighter, and protects and repairs some of the heat damage caused by your day to day styling.

Another great ingredient in argan oil is vitamin E, which is known for being great for your skin but it also does wonders for your hair. Vitamin E has antioxidative properties, which reduces the stress on your scalp, and studies have shown that oxidative stress may be linked to hair loss, making vitamin E a strong ally for our hair health.